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Lightweight Belting

We offer a full line of domestic PVCs, teflons, urethanes, nitriles, cottons and more. 

We even over a wide line of European style lightweight belting...that is, the monofilaments which are fabricated in lighter gauges but with as much and often more tensile strength to provide low stretch, easy tracking abilities and ends edge curling.   

The line of monofilaments are generally PVCs, polyurethanes, teflons and a wide assortment of thermoplastic composites for oil resistance, anti-static, high heat and other needs.  

Profiles for these belts are numerous and can be fabricated  for the customer's specific needs.  Additionally, these belts can be fabricated with V guides, block guides, sidewalls and/or cleats as needed.  

We serve industries from meat and poultry handling, canning factories, papermills and corrugators, bakeries, furniture manufacturers, candy and potato chip manufacturers to newspapers and more!

These belts are generally suited for vulcanized splices, mechanical   splices using Clipper belt hooks and cold bonding procedures.  Special cements, foils and vulcanizing equipment is necessary for these procedures, and we have them all readily available.

Shenadoah Industrial
is a belt slitter which simply translates to our customers a better selection, capabilities of offering non-standard widths since we buy in slab widths, and much better pricing to make us more competitive in this ever-changing market.

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