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The conveyor belt is forced to track to the high point of the elliptical shaped YeloTrac® Bi-Directional Training Idler, making mistracking a thing of the past.

Special 10 mm (.398 in) thick compounded PVC tubing, infused with titanium nitrite/T102 dioxide particles 

Technical Advantages:
Highly abrasive resistant
Highly impact resistant
Light in weight (60%)
Low break away mass
Heat dissipates through shell, not through the bearing housing,   therefore bearings run cooler                                                                         
SABS Flame Retardent Certificate
Noise levels: Dba tests performed underground and surface Results were +\- 68-70Dba due to consruction in materials used
Anti-static SABS test results Non-Static roller

Bearing Housing:  Nylon 66, 30% fibre, complete with antistatic copper pin

Bearing:  25mm (0.984 in), 30mm (1.181 in), 40mm (1.574 in) sealed Ballbearing 

Shafting:  Bright drawn or stainless steel 

YeloRoll® Idler Roll

The surface friction of the YeloRoll® Idler Rolls prevents belt slippage.


Self-Cleaning, Belt Friendly, Long-Life, Safe, Low-Weight, Quiet, Zero Impact  


Concerns about premature wear due to rust and heat is a thing of the past with YeloRoll® Idler Rolls. Our product is rust proof and strong keeping you running longer and trouble free.

Thermal Expansion – Coefficients of Thermal Expansion
PVC = 3.0 x 10-5 in/in/Deg. F
HDPE = 12.0 x 10-5 in/in/Deg. F (4.0 x PVC)
Extra movement of HDPE must be considered in design


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