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Shenandoah Industrial Rubber Company offers heavy duty belting that is primarily used to convey bulk materials in troughed conveyors which include crushed rock, grain, and coal.  Black rubber covers protect the fabric carcass from abrasion, and is available with oil resistant and heat resistant compounds for conveying materials such as asphalt or hot foundry sand.

Transmission and other industrial belting is generally used to transmit power between flat-faced pulleys.  It is also used to convey packages, boxes, etc, and to power live roller conveyors.  There is a wide assortment of belting specifications to customize the customer's needs.
Incline belting is available in black rubber moderate oil resistant covers for handling woodchips and related materials as well as PVC belting for lighter weight handling that offers a variety of profiles from chevron patterns to the standard "roughtop" impression top belt.   Roughtops are available in not only PVC, but gum rubber and SBR blends.   Generally known to be used in package handling applications, these belts are used in the woodworking industry as well to provide the customer with excellent "pulling" capabilities as well as abrasion resistance.  The roughtops are also used to lag drive pulleys.  Many other top profiles are available for your specific need and the degree of incline.

PVC conveyor belting is used extensively in slider bed applications for handling lighter bulk material handling applications as well as boxed and bagged products.

These belts are available with a cover on one side (COS); cover on both sides (CBS); and with a bare carcass or friction surface both sides (FBS).  Heavier PVC belting (generally 250 piw and up) is suitable for bucket elevators due to its chemical resistance, low stretch factor and that is has excellent bolt-holding properties.  Call us for belt wipers, belt cleaner, belt fasteners and lacings as well as all application tools

Food handling conveyor belts are made from FDA approved materials and are approved by the USDA for meat and poultry handling.

 Belts are available in a wide assortment of compounds from nitriles, PVCs, cottons and urethanes customized for the customer's application.

Specializing in offering our customers with a belt designed for their particular requirement, we offer belting with V guides, block guides, cleats and sidewalls.  Further information is available upon request.

Conveyor belt installation, repairs and spicework has been a major network of our full services available to our customers.  This service is provided by us whereby our trained belt technicians and assistants travel to jobsites where belts are installed.

One of three methods are used to make belts endless:
  1. vulcanized splice 
  2. mechanical splice using fasteners or lacing
  3. cold bond splicing.  

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