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Shenandoah Industrial Rubber Company is a well-established industrial firm located in the Roanoke Valley since 1976.  Our product lines are as varied as our customer base...

  • lightweight conveyor belting and heavy black belting
  • fasteners, lacings and application tools
  • industrial hoses of all types including hydraulics
  • general service, chemical and joints
  • metal braided assemblies
  • nylon and PVC tubings
  • all types of fittings and couplings and clamps to a wide assortment of skirting materials
  • sheet rubber, belt cleaners, pulleys and rollers, gaskets and O rings
  • safety wear (i.e., gloves, rainwear, aprons, PVC footwear)
  • full service endeavors on installations, splicing procedures, pulley lagging
    and fabrications of many types.
Our fleet of service trucks is readily available to our customers with our highly trained personnel for on-site technical services:  
  • belt installations
  • repair work
  • mechanical, cold-bond or vulcanized belt splicing
  • windup services whereby our crews can easily wind up old belting while installing new belt as well as pulley lagging
  • conveyor belt alignments and general troubleshooting.

Safety is a high priority with SIRCO management with rigid training procedures and regular mandatory testing for substances of abuse as well as ongoing safety meetings for all employees.

Payment terms are normally set on a net 30 days from date of invoice basis although shipments and services can be made on a C.O.D. basis or by major credit cards (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, American Express) with delivery terms very liberal so as to fit each individual customer's needs.

We welcome all inquires and will be happy to offer price quotations, samples and literature as needed, or a sales representative will be happy to call on you for your specific requirements.


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